Make a planned gift


What will your legacy be?  How will you be remembered?  Many people expect that their children and grandchildren will be their legacy.  Others have left their mark on the world through their business or their public service.  Only the very rich leave a legacy through their generosity, right?  WRONG!

Legacy giving, also known as planned giving, is not just for the more well-to-do people.  And it does not need to be complicated.  Almost anyone can leave a generous and sustaining gift to the organization of their choice if they plan ahead.

Here are two easy ways to cement your legacy while improving the lives of seniors in the Pottstown area:

  • A bequest:  A bequest is planned giving in its simplest form.  This is a directive in your will to give a part of your estate to an organization.  It may be a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of your assets when you pass.    Talk to your attorney about adding your favorite charitable organizations to your will.
  • Life insurance:  There are a few options with life insurance.  If you are paying premiums on a policy you no longer need, consider naming a charity as the beneficiary.  What may be a small premium over the years could add up to a sizable gift for a charity.  Depending on how the insurance is set up, there may even be tax benefits for you in your lifetime. Talk to your insurer or an estate planner to learn more.

Planned giving does not need to be complex.  You can leave a legacy that will benefit thousands of seniors for years to come.  Talk to your attorney or estate planner about which planned giving options may be right for your situation.

Donors who notify us of their plans will be honored on our “Legacy Wall” in the new senior center.

If you have questions about planned giving, or would like to discuss your plans with the senior center, call Brian Parkes at 610-323-5305.