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December 8, 2022

Highlights In This Issue:

  • Ursinus Classes – new location and time
  • Thomas McCabe – Estate Planning Seminar – 1:00, Wednesday, December 6th
  • Veteran’s Appreciation Dinner – Wednesday, December 7
  • AARP Income Tax Appointments for Members
  • Participant Council Update
  • New Classes:  Chair Yoga on Monday at 2:30 & Gentle Yoga on Friday at 9:00
  • NEW Computer, Phone and I-Pad technology programs on Wednesday, at 10:00

Ursinus Classes Moving!

Our Ursinus College location has been moved.  We will begin new classes on Tuesday, Dec. 6th at Evansburg United Methodist Church.  Joanne will host a Strength & Balance class at 8:30 and a Sit ‘n Fit class at 9:30 on Tuesday and Friday each week.  Please stop by and see us!

•    Evansburg United Methodist Church
•    3871 Germantown Pike, Collegeville
•    610.489.0287

Program Schedule


Week of December 4th, 2022

And just like that, “Poof!”  It’s December with Christmas right around the corner.  We are busier than ever with special events, classes, programs and just all out fun.  Please take time to stop by and see what is going on.  The more the merrier.

Monday, December 5th brings Boscov’s Travel Group to the TRAAC.  Everyone is welcome to attend the program at 1:00 to see about trips and excursions that Boscov’s has to offer.  

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday you can pre-register for a free AARP Tax appointment.  This is early registration for tax appointments for those of you who are members. The last day for early pre-registration will be Monday, December 12th.  The phone lines will open for everyone beginning January 9th.   We will have volunteers & staff registering for appts. Stop by between 10:00 and 2:00 and we will be happy to get you set up.  Appointments are made only with in-person visits. Don’t forget your calendar!!!  More information is available in this edition.

Tuesday, December 6th we will welcome Thomas “Tip” McCabe to the TRAAC.  Tip is going to assist with Estate Planning, Wills, POA information and more at 1:00.  Bring your questions and concerns for Tip.  He is looking forward to meeting with you.

Join in the lunchtime fun as we welcome Elaine Woltemate as she serenades us with holiday tunes on Wednesday, December 7th.  Natalie will be here to take care of your haircut needs and we will also be hosting the Veterans Dinner that evening.  If you haven’t pre-registered for lunch or appointments, please do so as soon as possible.

Our TRAAC Holiday luncheon is Friday, December 16th with Kathy & Lenny entertaining us.  The last day to register for this holiday celebration is Monday, December 5th.   Karin and her team have a great menu planned with lots of special treats and surprises for one and all that day.  Don’t forget to wear your holiday sweaters and sweatshirts for the “Festive Holiday Contest” with guaranteed giggles.  

The new Computer, Phone and I-Pad technology program is on Wednesday at 10:00.  Bring your devices in with you!  Janice will be here to answer your questions and will have information for you.  No question is silly!  We will be setting up sessions with cell phones, i-pads & computers.  Space is limited so please pre-register at the front desk.  Sessions will be listed by category going forward.  Smartphones will be the topic for Wed., Dec. 7th.  How to Face Time or Video Chat will be Wed., Dec.21st.  Please call or stop by the front desk to pre-register.  Check out future programs in the TRAAC notes.

We have a lot of new members here at the TRAAC.  Please welcome all our new friends warmly and introduce yourself to those you may not know yet.  You never know who you may meet!  

A note for your calendars:  The TRAAC will be closed the week of December 26th.  We will reopen and greet the new year on Monday, January 2nd.

***Please make sure that you are signing in at Copilot for all the classes and programs that you are attending.  If you see something during the day that you stay for, just stop by and add that to your day for us as you are heading out.  It is very important that we get everyone counted in all the programs attended.  ***

Check out the “Coming Soon” section for more happenings!  We have a lot of things packed into a couple of very busy months with the holidays.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions.  We are available 8-4 daily.

You never know what surprises are in store for you at lunch!   Lunch is served at 12:00 daily.  Below are a couple of key points for you.

  • The Dining Room opens at 11:30. You are welcome to come in and find a seat, visit with friends old & new.  There is no saving of seats!  You can claim your own and that of your spouse or significant other.   
  • Lunch will be served at noon.  Please try and be seated at that time.  If you are late, we will accommodate the best we can.
  • Lunches must be registered for by Monday at 4 pm for the next week.  Karin places her order on Tuesday and there are some meals that we can not flex on.  You may register for an entire month at one time.  Play it safe, put your name in.  If you have a day that you can’t be here, just call and let us know.  Things happen, we understand that.  It is much easier for us to have an extra meal then it is for us to try and find an extra meal if you forgot.   
  • Bottomless Cups of Coffee – $1 for the day.  The Kitchen Crew will be happy to assist.
  • Water, Ice Tea and Milk are offered at lunch.  
  • Breakfast Sandwiches are available from 8:30-10:30 daily. – $3.00 *Extended time!
  • Soups are available daily – check with the Kitchen Crew on soups available. – $5.00
  • Like what you had for lunch? Left over meals are for sale if we have extra – check with the Kitchen Crew – $5.00

Due to the large number of people signing up and not calling or showing up for lunches we are reinstating the “Missed Lunch Policy” effective immediately. If you miss 2 consecutive meals that you have signed up for and NOT called in to cancel, you will be taken off the meal list for the next 2 weeks.

JUST A REMINDER YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER & CHECK- IN FOR ALL CLASSES AND PROGRAMS.  Pre-registration assists us when we have an unexpected cancellation of classes or programs.  We are able to contact you via phone call or email/text message if needed.  We encourage you to try something new.  There is no charge to try a class/program or to have lunch to see if you like it or if it is right for you.  It is a requirement that you check-in at the front desk when you arrive.  If there is a back-up, please stop by on your way out after your class or check in on the second floor. Your patience will be appreciated as some guests have not been back to our building in two years.  Thank you!  

•    8:00 – 3:30- Pool & Shuffleboard – Game Room
•    8:00- Early Bird 50+ Fit – Track (In-person & virtual) – Jolene
•    9:00- Senior Yoga – Classroom 2 – Joanne
•    9:30- 50+ Fit – Track (In-person & virtual) – Jolene
•    10:00- AARP Tax Appointments can be made – Classroom 1
•    10:00- Card Making – Art & Craft Room
•    10:30- Reflective Moments – Library
•    10:45- Youthful Hearts Low Impact Chair Exercise – Track (In-person) – Linda
•    12:45- Just Guts/All Core – Mihae – Classroom 2
•    12:45- Texas Hold ‘Em – Game Room
•    1:00- Boscov’s Travel presentation – Classroom 1
•    1:00- Sewing with Jody – Art & Craft Room
•    1:30- Strength & Fit! – Classroom 2– Mihae  
•    2:30- Chair Yoga – Classroom 2 – Maryellen

·    8:00– Billiards – Game Room
·    8:30- Strength & Balance at Evansburg United Methodist Church, Collegeville – Joanne (formerly Ursinus class)
·    8:30- Small Group Training – Classroom 2 (In-person) – Jolene
·    9:15- Tone Time – Track (In-person) – Patty – Cancelled for today
·    9:30- Sit ‘n Fit – at Evansburg United Methodist Church, Collegeville – Joanne (formerly Ursinus class)
·    9:30- Weight Watchers meeting – 3rd floor
·    10:00- Yoga: Stretch & Tone – Classroom 2 – Patty – Cancelled for today
·    10:00- AARP Tax Appts – Classroom 1
·    10:30- Sit & Get Fit – Track (In-person & virtual) – Jolene
·    11:00- Zumba Gold – Classroom 2 (In-person) – Joanne *New time!
·    12:30- Self Defense – Track (In-person) Darrel – Cancelled for today
·    12:45- Chair Dancing – Dining Room (In-person & virtual) – Joanne
·    1:00- Wills program with Tip McCabe – Classroom 1
·    1:00- Dominos – Game Room
·    1:00- Current Events – Library
·    1:00- Bridge – 3rd Floor – please call to pre-register
·    1:30- Tai Chi – Track (In-person) – Darrel – Cancelled for today

·    8:00 – 3:30- Pool & Shuffleboard – Game Room
·    8:00- Early Bird 50+ Fit – Track (In-person) – Jolene
·    9:30- 50+ Fit – Track (In-person) – Jolene
·    9:30- Stretch & Fit – Classroom 2 (formerly chair yoga) – Mihae
·    10:00- Computer Classes –Smart Phones – Library
·    10:00- Haircuts with Natalie – Art & Craft Room; appointments must be pre-registered
·    10:30- Core & Balance – Classroom 2 (In-person) – Mihae
·    10:30- Sewing with Jody – Art & Craft Room
·    11:00- Exploring Spanish – 3rd Floor
·    11:30- Entertainment with Elaine Woltemate – Dining Room
·    12:45- Texas Hold ‘Em – Game Room
·    1:00- Mahjong – 3rd Floor; Art & Craft Room
·    1:00- Pinochle – Café
·    1:00- Flexibility & Core – Classroom 2 – Linda
·    1:30- Line Dancing – Track (In-person) – Robin
·    4:00- Veterans Dinner – Dining Room; pre-registration required

·    8:00 – 3:30- Pool & Shuffleboard – Game Room
·    8:45- Silver Sneakers Boom! – Track (In-person) – Jolene
·    10:00- As Time Goes By Small Group – 3rd Floor
·    10:00- Tax Appts scheduled – Classroom 1
·    10:30- Sit & Get Fit – Track (In-person & virtual) – Jolene
·    10:45- Zumba Gold – Classroom 2 (In-person) – Joanne
·    11:00- Ladies Talk– Lisa & Donna – Library
·    12:45- Chair Dancing – Track (In-person & virtual) – Joanne
·    1:00- Dominos – Game Room
·    1:00- Bingo – Dining Room
·    1:00- As Time Goes By Singers – 3rd Floor
·    1:30- Super Senior Fit – Track (In-person) – Mihae

•    8:00 – Pool & Shuffleboard– Game Room
•    8:00- PiYo – Classroom 2 (In-person) – Jolene
•    8:30- Strength & Balance at Evansburg United Methodist Church, Collegeville – Joanne (formerly Ursinus class)
•    9:00- Gentle Yoga – Classroom 2 – Maryellen
•    9:30- Sit ‘n Fit – at Evansburg United Methodist Church, Collegeville – Joanne (formerly Ursinus class)
•    10:00- Drums Alive – Track (In-person) – Jolene; (just a reminder that this class is loud)
•    10:30- Origami – Art & Craft Room
•    11:00- Youthful Hearts – Track – Linda
•    12:30- Gianni’s Luncheon
•    12:45- Texas Hold ‘Em – Game Room
•    1:00- Canasta – Café

All in-person classes should be pre-registered.  Please call 610-323-5009.  You may only pre-register for yourself and others that share a residence with you.  Space is limited in some classes.  If you are not able to make it in for a class you have pre-registered for please contact the front desk and let them know as there are waiting lists for some classes.

Payment for Activities & Classes:  For all fee-based classes; you are able to purchase an activity card at the front desk and they will initial it when you come in OR pay for your class at the front desk.  Just mention which class it’s for!  They will take care of it from there for you.  
You will see that there has been a change in pricing for some of our classes and programs.  We have a number of free programs as well as the Silver Sneakers and Silver & Fit programs which continue to be free to Silvers Sneakers eligible or Silver & Fit members.  We have changed our price for classes to $2.  This is an increase to some and a decrease to others.  Feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns.

Coming Soon!

  • BINGO is coming back!  Daytime bingo is held Thursday at 1:00. Come for lunch and then an afternoon of bingo fun.
    • Bingo cards are $1 each
    • Special Bingo – $2 each
    • 3rd week of the month will be a Special Bingo with prizes.
    • Snacks and drinks will be available for purchase at the kitchen
  • Tea & Talk returns with Audrey on Dec. 13th – Christmas Tea.  Please pre-register for this event by Monday, Dec. 5th.  Audrey will be back with craft classes in January.  Watch for more information.
  • Our annual TRAAC Holiday Lunch is coming soon.  These “special” events will be $5 each.  You will need to pre-register for the lunches with your payment at the front desk.  Put this date on your calendars now.  Friday, Dec. 16th – Holiday Celebration.  The last day to register is Monday, December 5th at 4:00.
  • Thomas McCabe will be with us for a Estate Planning Seminar at 1:00 on Tuesday, December 6th.  Bring your questions and concerns.  
  • The new Computer, Phone and I-Pad technology programs are Wednesday, at 10:00.  Bring your devices in with you!  Janice will be here to answer your questions and will have information for you.  No question is silly!  We will be setting up sessions with cell phones, i-pads & computers.  Space is limited so please pre-register at the front desk.  Wed., Dec. 7th – Smartphones; Wed., Dec. 21st – How to Face Time or Video Chat.
  • Boscov’s Travel Agency will be here on Monday, December 5th to introduce some of their trips.  Join us and see what they have to offer.  The information session will be held in the Dining room at 1:00.  
  • The TRAAC Stamp Club will meet back here on Monday, January 9th at 3:00.  The December meeting is being held at a restaurant.  If you need details, please leave your name and phone number at the front desk and we will have them get in touch with you.
  • Gingerbread House decorating contest!  Wednesday, December 14th.  On your own or with a group, come and join in the fun.  If you would like to donate decorations for everyone to use, we are accepting donations.  Drop them off to Karin or at the front desk.  Thank you!  We are looking forward to seeing some “fancy” houses.

Make a Snowman Ornament!

Join us on Monday, December 19th at 1:00 to make a Snowman Ornament to take home with you.  Quick & easy!

Holiday Dates to Remember:

  • 12/7:  Special guest – Elaine Woltemate entertains
  • 12/9:  Holiday Celebration – Gianni’s
  • 12/14: Gingerbread House decorating contest
  • 12/16: Holiday Celebration at the TRAAC
    • “Ugly Sweater” contest
    • Kathy & Lenny entertain
  • 12/26-12/30: TRAAC will be closed
  • 1/2/23: New Year’s Celebration


If you can choose to be anything, choose to be kind.

Please be kind to others.  People will forget what you have said to them, they will forget what you may have done for them, but they will never forget the way you made them feel.  We want everyone to feel comfortable coming to the TRAAC while participating in programs here and off site.  If there is something that we can do to help you out, we are here to assist.  Just stop by and see us or give us a call.  610.323.5009

The TRAAC Board, Staff & Participants


AARP Driving Classes are back at the TRAAC!

Why Take a Driver Safety Course?
Because driving has changed since you first got your license and doing so could save you money.                                            

About the course
The AARP Smart Driver Course, offered by AARP Driver Safety, is the nation’s largest classroom and online driver safety course and is designed especially for drivers age 50 and older.

You may be eligible to receive an insurance discount upon completing the course, so consult your insurance agent for details.
AARP membership is not required to take the course and there are no tests to pass.

The classroom course costs only $20.00 for AARP members and $25.00 for nonmembers.  TriCounty Active Adult Center membership is not required.  This is a four-hour recertification class.  If you have not taken an AARP class before, please call for information on the “first timer” program which is 2-4 hr. sessions

Our next class is on January 12, 2023. There will be a ½ hour lunch break at 12:00.  We will include you on our lunch list when you register.  Space is limited.  Future classes will be held April 13th and May 16th.  Look for registration soon.

Calling All Veterans!

Veterans Appreciation Dinner

  • Wednesday, Dec. 7th, 2022
  • At the TRAAC
  • 4:30 – 7:30
  • Italian Style Dinner served at 5:00
  • All veterans are welcome along with their spouse.
  • Call 610-323-5009 to register
  • Space is limited

Help make it a special holiday for our Veterans at the Southeastern Veterans Center!

The TRAAC is starting the annual holiday gift drive for the Veterans center.  Below are the items that are most needed. All items must be new, they can not accept used items at this time.  There is a drop off box at the front desk.  All donations are greatly appreciated.

New Clothing (Men’s & Women’s)                        New Personal Items
     Leisure pants M-7x (men)                                Electric Razors
                      M-5x (women)                                Watches with big numbers
     Zip-up Sweatshirts M-7x                                  Reader glasses (varied strengths)
     Cardigan Sweaters M-7x (men)                      Wheelchair bags
                        M-5x (women)                              Boxes of tissues 
                                                                             New Comforters (Single bed size)    
New Recreational Items               
      Postage stamps                     Batteries:  AA, AAA, 9V, C & D
     Books on CD                           Gift cards:  Center City Pizza, Wilkes, Mayflower, Amazon
      Handheld electronic games                            

Thank you for your support!

Diversity Committee

Our Diversity Committee is being reactivated!  This committee will advise and provide programs and support for our LGBTQ elders and seniors from communities of color. 
If you are interested in learning more or working with the Diversity Committee, please contact Brian Parkes – (610) 323-5009 or

Silver Sneakers Update

If you have United Health Care insurance coverage, please stop by to see Jolene.  United Health Care is no longer honoring Silver Sneakers, but will offer a program called RENEW.  The process only takes a few minutes.  Contact Jolene with questions – 610-323-5009 x107

Bridge is back!

Did you know that the game of bridge dates back to the 16th century?  The rules of the game underwent many changes made by its players, who have in the time since have become the pioneers and the game of Bridge.  Bridge is the ultimate partnership game, is a game of skill, communication and infinite possibilities.  Interested in playing with us???  Join us on Tuesdays at 1:00.  Call for more information.  610.323.5009; ext. 102.

It is almost Tax Appointment Time!

The TRAAC is planning to work with AARP for the Free Income Tax Preparation Service again this year.  As in the past, the opportunity to schedule an in person tax appointment will be available for paid members of the TRAAC.  The appointments will be taken on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm beginning Monday, November 14th through December 12th.  If there are any open appointments, we will take phone calls beginning January 9th, 2023.

Things to remember when scheduling your appointment:

  • NO Phone appointments will be accepted until January 9, 2023.
  • You are only able to schedule appointments for yourself; you can not schedule for other members.
  • Check your calendar carefully before you arrive.  Once the appointment is made it is very difficult to change due to the availability of open spots.  Bring your membership card!
  • Appointments are available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday beginning February 14th, 2023.
  • The appointments will be 90 minutes.  The first one is at 9:00 and the last one is at 1:30.
  • You will be able to let the scheduler know if you need a rent or property tax rebate.  We will attempt to complete them as well during your AARP tax appointment.

Important to note:  these appointments are for individuals who need IRS Income Taxes completed.  If you only need a PA Property or Rent Rebate appointment, please call the center after Feb.1st.

Cold & Flu & COVID Season!

It’s that crazy time of year again where we not only get the drop in temperatures, the leaves changing colors and the clocks falling back, but it also comes with annual colds & flus and in some cases the return of COVID.  We are asking everyone to be diligent with the washing of hands, using the hand sanitizer and wearing a mask if you aren’t feeling well or have a cold.  You all know the drill.  We’ve been through this before.  We want to continue to be together, so we are asking for your assistance.  Please monitor your symptoms, test regularly and take appropriate action if you test positive.  Please stay home if you are not feeling well.  We enjoy your company, but we don’t want to share the colds, flus or COVID.  Masks are recommended at this time but not mandatory

We do put out a robo-call to everyone that was in the classes, programs or lunch if we are notified of an illness.  The number may show up as “spam” or unknown caller.  The number will be:  1.844.550.0281.  Please call us to let us know if you test positive so we are able to inform all those that attended with you.  No names are shared.

Participant Council

The Participant Council is back! If you are interested in being more involved with the TRAAC, this is a great way to meet people, assist with making changes and helping both the TRAAC Board and the membership. We will be holding our elections for the next term in December. The purpose of the Participants Council is to share information, concerns, updates etc. to the membership from the Board of Directors & Staff and concerns from the membership to the Board of Directors & Staff.  The Participant Council is the main point of contact for everyone.  We have 11 members on the council.  6 of these members will end their term in December 2022.  Please contact Brian or Sue if you would like to be on the ballot in December.  The election will be held before our Christmas break.

Haircuts Available at the TRAAC

Are you in need of a haircut but don’t have the time to get out?  We have a solution! A Pennsylvania state licensed beautician is here to provide haircuts to both men and women one Wednesday of each month. Time slots for haircut appointments will begin at 10:00 a.m. and the last time slot will be 1:45 p.m.  The cost for the haircut is $8.00.  Your hair needs to be clean, dry and free of any creams, gels, or sprays since there will be no shampooing hair; the haircuts will be dry. If necessary, your hair can be lightly misted with a spray bottle using water. Also available will be beard trimming, facial grooming and tweezing. All services are $8.00 and payable to the beautician.  Please sign up at the front desk for an appointment.  (12/7, 1/4)

Trips are Back!

We have started scheduling trips again.  Here is what is coming in 2022/2023:

  • Home for the Holidays at American Music Theater – December 13
  • The Wiz at the Fulton Theater – March 16
  • Grease at the Fulton Theater – June 29

  Check our website here for a full list of trips currently on the schedule!

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are an integral part of our program to assist in many capacities.  If you are able to help us out it would be greatly appreciated.  Below are a few of the opportunities available.  We will expand this list as needed!

  • Lobby assistants
  • Kitchen helpers:
    • Dishwasher
    • Prep work
    • Servers
    • Clean up
    • Dining room prep

Contact Sue at 610-323-5009 x102 or stop by!

LGBTQ Senior Social Group

A time to socialize, interact, and connect at the TRAAC.  The group meets monthly and provides an opportunity for LGBTQ seniors and allies to meet and enjoy some refreshments, each other’s company, as well as activities in the center or at a nearby restaurant.  Everyone and anyone is welcome to attend.  Contact Jolene at 610-323-5009 x107 for more information regarding the October meetings.

Giant Gift Card Fundraiser

We are now part of the “Cash for Causes” with Giant and Martin food stores supporting non-profits. We have $25.00 gift cards available for purchase. The TRAAC receives 5% on each purchase. The cards are available at the front desk during normal operating hours. Cash & checks are accepted. Help support the TRAAC while doing your grocery shopping!

Virtual Classes

Virtual Programming is available for the Chair Dancing program.  The TRAAC is open fully and we look forward to having everyone back in person for classes, programs, special events and lunches.  The class videos are still available if you would like an alternative.