Exercise & Balance

List of Classes

* “SS” means the class is covered by Silver Sneakers; “RA” means the class is covered by Renew Active or One Pass. *
Early Bird 50+ Fit

A faster pace program focused on flexibility, strength and balance as well as fall prevention.

Leader: Jolene Wert, Suggested Donation or SS

Mon & Wed; 8:00-9:00 am

50+Fit - Sponsered by Tower Health

A program focused on flexibility, strength and balance as well as fall prevention.

Leader:  Jolene Wert, Suggested Donation or SS

Regular:  Mon & Wed at 9:30-10:30 am

Barre Balance

An intermediate level, all-standing class for the more advanced participant. Class will work on balance using ballet techniques. No ballet experience required. Inspired by ballet dancers’ moves like the plié (when you bend your knees and straighten them again, with the feet turned out) and relevé (when you raise your feet and legs on the tips of your toes), Barre is a toning, body-weight workout, it engages muscles you wouldn’t normally target—ones deep inside your body that squats, lunges and sit-ups don’t reach. With high-reps and low-impact movements, barre challenges anyone looking to fine-tune their muscles.  

Instructor: Patty Care, $2 or SS & RA 

Tues. at 10:30 

Beanbag Baseball with Walnut Woods

A partnership with Walnut Woods that includes a fun, competitive game of beanbag baseball. It’s similar to cornhole. Each month, one team takes the trophy!! Fun and often some fun prizes or treats included thanks to Walnut Woods. 

3rd Friday at 1p  

Chair Volleyball

A fun, quick-paced, seated volleyball game that anyone can play. Guaranteed fun, giggles, and a bit of exercise   too! 

Instructor: Jolene Wert 

2nd & 4th Fri. at 1:00p; $2 or RA

Chair Dancing

Enjoy music?  Like to dance but it just isn’t as easy as it was before?  This is a great way to exercise and have fun too.

Leader:  Joanne Grasso Giotti, $2 or RA

Mon. & Tues. at 12:45 pm

Chair Yoga

Improve your balance, strength and flexibility all while sitting in your chair.

Leaders: Maryellen Peters, $2 or RA

Mon. at 2:30 pm

Core & Balance

The class focuses on balance, stretching & strength training.  All fitness levels are welcome.

Leader:  Mihae Blank, $2 or RA

Wed. 10:30 am

Core & Flexibility

This is a 45-minute seated class that is slower paced. You will work on core control and exercises along with keeping up with flexibility and stretching to keep limber.  

Instructor: Linda Startzel, $2 or SS or RA

Wed. at 1:00p

Drums Alive

Drums Alive™ is the original and only evidence-based drumming fitness, health, wellness program that provides a “Whole Brain and Whole Body” workout which promotes physical, social, emotional and cognitive health at all life stages. Group drumming is a time-tested way to ease stress, improve mood and enhance a sense of community. This class does tend to be loud due to the music and the drumming!

Leader: Jolene Wert, $2 or SS 

Fri at 10:00 am

Evansburg United Methodist Church in Collegeville Fitness Classes

The TRAAC now has fitness classes at the Evansburg United Methodist Church in Collegeville. The church is located at 3871 Germantown Pike, Collegeville.  Join us on Tuesday mornings beginning at 8:30 for a Strength & Balance class with Sit ‘N Fit following at 9:30. Friday, Strength & Balance at 8:00 with Sit ‘n Fit at 9:00. Call for more information. 

Instructor: Joanne Grosso Giotti; Suggested donation or RA 

Tues. at 8:30–Strength & Balance; 9:30–Sit ‘n Fit 

Fri. at 8:30–Strength & Balance; 9:30–Sit ‘n Fit 

Exercise & Fitness Equipment

Self-Led use of the Treadmill, Exercise Bike and other equipment is available to you when the TRAAC is open.  

Mon. thru Fri. 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Gentle Floor Yoga

This class will provide all your yoga postures, deep breathing & flexibility work out all done on the floor with a  

mat. This is an intermediate level class. 

Instructor: Maryellen Peters; $2 or RA  

Fri. at 9:00a 

Just Guts/All Core

Join us for an all-core workout. This is a 30-minute intermediate class. It will be challenging but most will be able to do the workout.  Call Jolene for more information. 

Instructor: Mihae Blank; $2 or RA 

Mon. at 12:45p 

Line Dancing

It’s an easy way to stay healthy, both mentally and physically.  Increase balance and flexibility while enjoying some of the classic line dances. No experience necessary.

Leader:  Robin Ward, $2 or RA

Wed. at 1:30 pm


A faster paced class then our Senior Yoga classes that provides a moderately challenging workout with short bursts of cardiovascular work & strength training for all-over body conditioning.  

Leader:  Jolene Wert, $2 or SS & RA

Fri. at 8:00 am

Self Defense for Seniors

Allows people of all levels and physical abilities to participate at their comfort level. It engages you physically and mentally. 

Instructor: Darrel Bryant, $2 or RA 

Tues. at 12:00p and 2:30p

Senior Yoga

Improve balance, strength and flexibility with gentle senior yoga–no experience necessary. 

Instructor: Joanne Braunsberg, $2 or RA 

Mon. at 9:00a 

Silver Sneakers Boom! Move!

Improve cardiovascular endurance, learn new dance moves, have fun & burn calories.  No equipment is needed for this upbeat 45-minute class. You do not have to be a Silver Sneakers member to participate in this class.  

Instructor: Jolene Wert, $2 or SS & RA 

Thurs. 8:45a

Sit and Get Fit

A low impact exercise program using light weights, bands, and balls, all done from your chair.

Instructor: Jolene Wert, Suggested donation or SS & RA

Tues and Thurs at 10:30a 

Small Group Training with Jolene

A 45-minute advanced class. This class will involve cardio, core, balance & strength.  The class is great if you need to challenge yourself! 

Leader:  Jolene Wert, $2 or SS & RA 

Tues. at 8:30a

Super Senior Fit

A program with focus on balance, stretching & strength training using the balls, weights & bands.  This class is an advanced program for those that want a little extra challenge added to their week! 

Instructor: Mihae Blank, $2 or RA 

Thurs. at 1:30p

Tai Chi

A form of martial arts that involves slow, controlled and low-impact movements. 

Instructor: Darrel Bryant, $2 or RA 

Tues at 1:30p 

Walking Track

Self-Led—great way to stay fit! 26 laps on our track is equivalent to 1 mile! 

Open 8a-4p daily when classes are not in session; please call or refer to posted scheduled classes. 

Yoga – Strength & Tone

Yoga is a great way to work on your flexibility and strength.  Just about everyone can do it.  It’s not just for those who can touch their toes or want to meditate. Check out this methodical workout with Patty. 

Instructor: Patty Care, $2 per session or RA   

Tues. at 9:45a 

Youthful Hearts Low Impact Chair Exercise

Youthful Hearts is a 45-minute program designed for those that need a slow-paced class to get your confidence up while working out. This class will use bands, balls, and weights but at a much slower pace.  This class is for beginners or anyone just getting started back into exercising. 

Instructor: Linda Startzel, $2 or SS & RA 

Mon. at 10:45a; Fri. at 11:00a 

Zumba Gold

Introduces easy-to-follow Zumba® choreography that focuses on balance, range of motion and coordination.

Leader: Joanne Giotti, $2 or RA

Tues. & Thurs. at 11:00 am