TRAAC at Night!

We are pleased to announce the addition of several evening programs to our busy schedules.  

Join us on Tuesday evenings at 5:30 for Yoga with Margie & 6:00 for Zumba with Joanne each week.
Thursday’s you will find Tai Chi with Darrell at 5:30 & Yoga with Debbie at 6:00.   Beginning on October 5th, we are pleased to announce the addition of a Pilates program with Linda Startzel.  Come and check some of our new sessions out.                                                                                                                                     

All  evening programs are $5 per session. We are also hosting other seminars and information sessions to our scheduled events. Below are some of the other programs that have been are scheduled.

October 3rd- 5:30:  Geneaology with Kristine

October 10th- 6:00:  Paintbreak with Georgeanne; Another evening of creating!  Enjoy the time out with friends.  Cost: $10

October 17th- 5:30:  Geneaology with Kristine

November 7th:  The TRAAC center will be closed for  election day

November 14th- 6:00: Paintbreak with Georgeanne; take home a painting you have created with step by step instructions. Cost: $10 Bring a friend, enjoy the time out!

November 16th- 5:30:  Geneaology with Kristine

December 12th- 5:30:  Geneaology with Kristine