Military Pen Pals

It has been brought to our attention that there are a number of young service men and women that are currently serving our country, who are getting no mail, emails or care packages. There are also numerous new recruits that are not receiving mail at this most important time of their lives.

These young adults have no family support. We are looking for people that would be interested in corresponding with these service men and women by sending cards, letters & emails with an occasional care package to brighten their day. This doesn’t mean that YOU would be responsible alone for taking care of this whole project. Working as a team, we have been sending notes & cards out. Once a week, once a month or a single note – it all is helpful, wanted and appreciated.  As we progress with this project we will be working with other groups to help in collecting and boxing up care packages for the troops.  More information to follow!

Our very generous group just completed a special project called “Operation Christmas!” A group of our talented crafters has been hard at work cutting and hand stitching stockings to be sent and another group has been busy signing Christmas cards and putting little notes of encouragement in them. Our Christmas Elves completed more than 650 Christmas stockings and have more than 300 cards that they have signed. In addition to our TriCounty team we have also had some members of the Girl Scouts in the Pottstown area also join in with their own stockings and cards. We have a wonderful representation from our Tri-County area. The Military Pen Pal group is very excited and appreciative of our donation.

If you are interested in helping out with this Military Pen Pal program or would like more information please contact Sue at (610)323-5009. We will be getting a new list of names and addresses shortly. Thank you!