Piggy Bank Poker

We are offering a new activity and calling it the PIGGY BANK POKER!

What is it all about? We will be playing a less expensive and more relaxed form of the easier game of Texas Hold-Em. The chips will have a value of only $.10 each and the bets will be limited to $.20 and $.40. You will spend a little and maybe win a little. We think that you will enjoy the game more when the stakes are not so high.

This offers an opportunity to those interested persons who have had no previous experience with the game. It can be a “learn as you go” activity. You will find us to be a helpful and patient group of players.

Until we move to our Moser Road location, we will meet on Game Night at 4 PM. This takes place every second and fourth Tuesday of the month. If you can find your “poker face” --- bring it with you, we will be wearing ours!
Questions??? Please call 610.323.5009 or see June Hankin for more information.