The TriCounty Active Adult Center has an ever-growing number of social and recreational programs.  From History Club and day trips to card games, shuffleboard, and more, there are lots of activities to choose from.  All of our groups are enthusiastic about welcoming new participants, and we are always open to trying out new groups and activities - just ask a staff member!

Just want a place to meet a few friends?  Come on in!  There is always open space for an impromptu game, puzzle, or just to hang out and chat.

TRAAC at Night!

We are pleased to announce the addition of several evening programs to our busy schedules.  

Join us on Tuesday evenings at 5:30 for Yoga with Margie & 6:00 for Zumba with Joanne each week.
Thursday’s you will find Tai Chi with Darrell at 5:30 & Yoga with Debbie at 6:00.  Come and check some of our new sessions out.                                                                                                                                     

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Intermediate Spanish

 Fun and easy way to practice your Spanish! If you know a few words and remember a bit of grammar, this class is the perfect setting for you to practice one-on-one with a native Spanish teacher and a fun group of motivated adults!

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Genealogy with Kristine

We all know how families discuss heritage and the stories told of previous generations. Join Kristine on the 2nd Thursday of each month to find out how you can dig into the archives of your own family.

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Advanced Spanish

Come and practice your conversation skills in a pressure-free environment. Our small group sessions are the best to practice in a fun, friendly and relaxed way. Students use their skills to read simple books in Spanish, increasing their vocabulary and comprehension skills.

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Beginning Spanish

Step out of your comfort zone and learn steps and strategies on how to communicate in Spanish during this effective beginners Spanish class. Everyone is welcome!

Leader: Evelyn Dudonis
When: Wed. 11:00 A.M.
Cost: $1

Social Hour

Once a month there is a lively group that likes to meet at Chili's for dinner and a sociable! Everyone is encouraged and welcome to attend. Enjoy the company of friends and a great night out.

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Military Pen Pals

It has been brought to our attention that there are a number of young service men and women that are currently serving our country, who are getting no mail, emails or care packages. There are also numerous new recruits that are not receiving mail at this most important time of their lives.

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Lunch Bunch

Do you like to try out different spots to eat but hesitate to go on your own? Are you interested in having a good time with friends? We do too! Join us on the second Friday of the month as we enjoy local establishments for lunch. Check out the newsletter for our next adventures or call for information.

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Stamp Club

Few hobbies match the flexibility of stamp collecting. It is suitable for nearly all ages. You can collect stamps all 12 months of the year regardless of the climate where you are located. It does not require any special skills or great wealth. 

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Duplicate Bridge

Duplicate bridge is the most widely used variation of contract bridge in club and tournament play. Instead of shuffling the cards between each deal, the hands are preserved and played by every pair or team.

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Travel Club

Are you interested in traveling? Would you like to see parts of the world through the eyes of someone else? Or better yet, do you have a trip or experience that you would like to share? Are you interested in taking a trip or two?

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Game Night

If you are interested in Texas Hold Em or Dominos and don't get enough during the day or just want some additional play time then please join us on our game night.  We also have Piggy Bank Poker for those that want to learn how to play Texas Hold Em!

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Chess Club

Let’s Play Chess!

Chess or “the game of kings” was used by rulers of empires and kingdoms as a way to practice and strategize in dealing with other monarchs and challengers. Chess is again being promoted as a way for us to strategize and the benefits it has on the brain are being studied.

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Current Events

Join us for a lively discussion on present-time news events concerning important people, places, things, and ideas; important political or social events that are happening in the world now.

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Piggy Bank Poker

We are offering a new activity and calling it the PIGGY BANK POKER!

What is it all about? We will be playing a less expensive and more relaxed form of the easier game of Texas Hold-Em. The chips will have a value of only $.10 each and the bets will be limited to $.20 and $.40. You will spend a little and maybe win a little. We think that you will enjoy the game more when the stakes are not so high.

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Card Crafts

Put your creativity to work with making gift, birthday, anniversary, good luck or any other type of card you can imagine. We have the card stock, plenty of ideas and patterns. You just need to come and enjoy the time with friends and create at the same time.    

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Flower Arranging

If you would like a dash of color to brighten up your holidays to take home with you, if you love the looks of those floral displays but just can’t seem to get the knack of it, then we have a program just for you!


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Crafts with Barb

Do you like to be creative and enjoy helping others and enjoy working with other crafters? Then our craft class with Barb is perfect for you. This group creates pieces to sell for donations to the senior center. All supplies are here. All we need is you and some time.

  • Instructor: Barb Rightnour
    Time: Thursday 10:00
    Cost: Suggested Donation

Table shuffleboard is a game in which players push metal-and-plastic weighted pucks down a long and smooth wooden table into a scoring area at the opposite end of the table. Shooting is performed with the hand directly.

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As Time Goes By Singers

If you love to sing and enjoy good company you are welcome to join our group. We sing for pleasure and occasionally will sing off site for events in the area. Everyone is welcome to join us.

  • Leader: Syl Buszta
    Time: Thursday 1:00
    Cost: No Charge
The Game Room

Our game room is home to a variety of activities. There is something for everyone. Please see our list below. Most will be available for use any time we are open. There are schedules of availability for certain games due to group use.

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Ladies Talk

Do you need a place to talk with other women knowing that what is said goes no further? This is a program for women only. What is said in the room, stays in the room. Subjects vary from current events to personal or family matters. Subjects will vary week to week. All women are welcome to attend.

  • Leader: Paula Mayewski
    Time: Monday 10:30
    Cost: No Charge
Wellness Thursday with Rite Aid

 Rite Aid is committed to wellness, with a focus on assisting customers to reach their health and wellness goals. They help us achieve these goals by offering a variety of immunizations, including Flu and High Dose Flu immunizations, Pneumonia and Prevnar 13, Shingles immunizations, and many more.

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Book Club

 Join us each month as we discuss the featured literary choice in our library. Everyone is welcome. The books will be available at the Pottstown Library at the beginning of each month.

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Reflective Moments

Join us as we discuss and share our favorite passages and stories of the Good Book.  All are welcome to attend.

  • Leader: Self-led
    Time: Monday 10:30
    Cost: No charge








Bingo is played on Thursday at the center. There are two sessions of 12 games with additional special bingo games between the sessions. We are always looking for new players and volunteers to assist. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Leader: Kay Yusko
Time: Thursday; 1:00 P.M.                                                                                                                                                                           Cost: $3 for three cards; $.25 additional cards; $1 specials

Colorful, Creative and Relaxing

 Coloring is for EVERYONE! Coloring isn’t just for children; it has been proven to be beneficial for adults. Generating wellness and quietness, as well as stimulating the brain areas related to the senses and creativity, people across the globe are enjoying this simple form of art therapy.

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Easy to learn and lots of fun!  Everything you need is here.  We like beginners and those that are experienced. Everyone is welcome!

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History Club

Are you interested in re-visiting the past and talking about the present? You can do both at our History Club meetings. Dr. Greg Gubler shares his vast knowledge and educational resources with the group.

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Art Class

Are you interested in drawing, painting, sculpting?  We have a class for you!  No experience needed, everyone is welcome to attend.  Basic supplies are available.

  • Instructor:  John Herold
  • Time:  Wednesday  1:00
  • Cost:  $1
Computer Help

Get Computer or Mobile Device assistance in a comfortable setting. Bring in your computer, cell phone or Ipad for instruction or help in operating the device.

  • Instructor: Nate Rosenthal
    Time: 2nd & 4th Thursday; 1:00 Pre-registration needed; limited space
    Cost: Suggested Donation

Why do people fold paper into little animal shapes? For most, it is because it’s fun and it looks nice. But for others, it is a way to relax;

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  • Playing volleyball can be fun but also great exercise. The physical activities involved in playing volleyball will strengthen the upper body, arms and shoulders as well as the muscles of the thighs and lower legs.
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Pinochle is a classic two-player game developed in the United States, and it is still one of the country's most popular games.

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