Walk With Ease

New Program for the New Year: Walk With Ease!

The Arthritis Foundation has developed a six-week program to promote education about successful physical activity for people with arthritis. This program is intended to promote education about self-management and walking safely and comfortably and to encourage participants to continue their walking program and explore other exercise and self-management programs that deliver proven benefits for people with arthritis.


Walking, like many other forms of exercise, offers many benefits for your body and spirit. Besides being inexpensive, convenient and fun, walking can help to: strengthen the heart & lungs, nourish joints, build bones, fight osteoporosis, burn calories, control weight, reduce stress, improve mood & boost energy.

Walking is also safer and puts less stress on the body than most other forms of aerobic exercise-the kind that builds stamina and boosts cardiovascular fitness. Walking is an especially good exercise choice for people who are older or who have been less active. The Walk with Ease program contents are based on the latest research in exercise science plus lots of hands-on, helpful suggestions from thousands of people both with an without arthritis, who have shared their experiences to help make walking work for them.

Join Jolene Wert, Walk With Ease leader, as she shares updates and information in this six-week program for walking. Each 45 minute session will begin with a pre-walk discussion about related topics followed by warm up exercises that a walk of 10-30 minutes. The session will finish with a cool-down followed by some closing remarks and tips.

When: Monday, Wednesday & Friday beginning January 15th
Where: TriCounty Active Adult Center; Track & Classroom 2
Time: 9:15 AM