Walking Club

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join our new program. Walking for Fun is sponsored by Bayada Nurses and each member is given a pedometer to track your steps. Did you know that “Housewalking” counts?

Think about how often you find yourself sitting around throughout the day. Everything you do counts. Walking around your house adds up. Walking to your car, walking at the grocery store….every step counts. You don’t need to run, you don’t need to walk fast or for extended periods of time or walk on the track or in the gym. Walking in place totally counts! See how your daily steps can help us reach our goal and have some fun along the way! Our program will  continue on the third Thursday each month with an overview! You don’t need to be there at that time to be part of our program. Check with Sue for your free pedometer. Call 610.323.5009 for information.

  • Leader: Heather-Bayada Nurses, Sue McIntyre
    Time: 12:00; 3rd Thursday of the month
    Cost: No charge